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Memorial Keepsakes


To assist you to celebrate the life of your beloved pet Fond Farewells is pleased to be able to provide you with a unique range of commemoratory products made by talented New Zealand artists. These products can be ordered at the same time as arranging your cremation either via your veterinarian or directly through Fond Farewells.

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Bronze paws

Created by Jonathan Campbell of Created and Cast; your adored pet’s paw is cast in a mould before cremation and the mould is sent to Jonathon to produce a solid bronze reproduction of the original paw. The specialised technique of ‘lostwax’ a process dating back 4000 years is used to create your bronze paw print in which absolute detail is produced. Your special bronze creations can be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk, bookshelf or even used as a paperweight.

dog paw plus photo bronze paws


Memorial beads

Created by renowned glass artist Emily Lake, a small portion of your cherished pet’s ashes or a small sample of fur is skilfully incorporated into the glass while creating an attractive glass bead which can be made into a necklace or bracelet bead.

Necklace beads are strung on a 50cm sterling silver chain and bracelet beads are suitable to thread onto most charm bracelets. Each bead is delivered in a presentation box and includes a certificate of authenticity.  You have the choice of shape and colour of the bead, with or without a fob attachment.

necklace2 sm necklace3 new bead1 med necklace1 sm


'Keepsakes with Love' jewellery

Designed and crafted in New Zealand, Keepsakes with Love have a range of sensitive memorabilia including pendants, rings, glass vials and charms. Keepsakes can be filled with a small amount of ashes, a lock of hair, or other small keepsake. All jewellery can be made in any metal combination, pendants are supplied with a sterling silver chain.

Keepsake Charms can be personally made with a special message, name and date, hearts, and/or stones. Will fit all bead charm bracelets. The full range of Keepsakes with love jewellery is only available through Fond Farewells.

jewellery  charms